Creating luxury customer service experiences with Liz Brigham

Jul 23

What exactly do high-end medical spas and professional organizers have in common? A whole. freaking. lot. Special guest Liz Brigham joins me to talk about how you can create a seriously amazing customer service experience for your high end clientele. These are easy, actionable tips from an experienced customer service pro, so you better be ready to take notes!

We cover those sticky situations you just don’t know how to deal with (like grumpy clients and foot-in-mouth moments. yikes). Plus Liz shares some of her favorite tips from the masters of customer service, Ritz-Carlton. You need these insights to level up your biz.





3:40 The FREE course for professional organizers you need to get started

8:00 meet Liz Brigham (and learn how she became obsessed with customer service!)10:19 Confidence is everything in sales

10:57 How to train new employees to embrace your company culture

11:42 Why positioning yourself as an expert is EVERYTHING for building your confidence

13:20 How to target a high end, female clientele

15:03 The marketing secret to retain your best customers

18:00 Educating people is NOT the way to sell your services

19:50 How confidence will help you raise your price point

20:38 How to feel confident selling luxury services (at luxury prices!)

22:52 You are NOT your ideal client

24:15 Discounts come with a big price to your business

25:45 The power of referrals in your home organizing business

28:20 Testimonials are the best sales tactic for your business (even better than before and after photos!)

33:57 Your biggest obstacle isn’t the price of your services (THIS is what it really is)

35:46 How to overcome sales roadblocks

40:00 Your potential customers might not even know pro organizers are a thing

44:20 Facebook ads can be game changers for your business

46:08 Pro organizers are like interior designers nerdy (but hot!) little sister

48:00 How to build the know, trust, and like factor in your brand

51:34 You have to be able to articulate your brand

52:25 How do you train your employees to do things YOUR way

54:10 How to create a luxury client experience that gets you repeat customers

56:00 How you can use the Ritz Carlton customer service motto to level up your business

59:40 How to fake it ’til you make it

1:03:33 Struggling to launch your biz because you don’t feel perfect? You need to remember this

1:09:20 This is the “it factor” that will level up your business

1:10:52 Use this strategy to improve your pro organizer consults

1:12:41 Don’t make this sales mistake (hint: you’ve got to be comfortable with silence)

1:14:35 How to know when to offer clients additional services

1:16:50 How to get clients to buy in to the ongoing process (and realize you’re not responsible for their overall results)

1:20:00 Don’t let unrealistic expectations (or your people-pleasing personality) get in the way of your success

1:21:30 How to deal with difficult customer service problems

1:25:49 Why repeat customers are the key to your business’ success

1:27:12 Ritz Carlton steps of service you can implement to improve your customer service systems

1:30:20 How to improve your customer service skills (even if you’re REALLY struggling)

1:35:50 The one tip you need now: listen more, talk less

1:38:07 Your subcontractors need to reflect YOUR brand

1:40:05 What to do when clients just won’t stop talking


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