hi, I'm MELISSA.

I'm Melissa Klug, the Program Director for educational resources at Pro Organizer studio, including Inspired Organizer®, our podcast, and new offers.

Having spent 20 years in sales + marketing at Fortune 500 companies, I never considered entrepreneurship as a path for my life. I said, many times, "I could never go out on my own—I would prefer to have the safety of the backing of a large company." Until the day that I no longer had that, extremely unexpectedly, after a corporate acquisition. Very quickly afterward—it was the next day!--I had an epiphany. I had been extremely, deeply unhappy in my career for years. Years! I pretended I enjoyed the jet set life and the corporate political games—but inside I was deeply unsatisfied. But what did that mean for what was next for me? 

During my time job searching, I started organizing my house, long neglected and fully chaotic after two decades of corporate travel, raising two kids, and having an insanely busy life, like every woman I know. I discovered I was REALLY good at organizing. I loved it. It was all I wanted to do. I spent every free moment doing it in my own home—and then I started to help other people do it. When people asked—“What are you going to do next in your career?” the only answer I kept coming back to was, I really want to help people find the joy in their houses like I’ve rediscovered in mine. But was that—a job? 

Thanks to the wonderful internet, I discovered it was. I took a major, scary life leap. I gave myself one year to see if I could make my business successful. And much to my joy—it flourished. I had clients, sometimes 7 days a week. I loved every minute of it. I was helping people truly change their life, just by organizing their home. 

In 2019 I realized something new—that I wanted to tell other women how they could do what I did. How they could escape jobs or careers that didn’t fulfill them, and create their own business that not only helped others, but helped themselves. To use my two decades in multi-million dollar businesses and my time building a successful organizing business to teach other women they can do the same. I became a business coach for professional organizers, and I worked with clients on three continents. In 2020, I gratefully joined Pro Organizer Studio to work with the best mentor in our business, Jen, to help her mission. 


My passion is to help women gain the confidence to create a successful professional organizing business, no matter their background.

hi, I'm jen.

I'm an ICF-certified business coach with a passion for organizing that started with my own pro organizing journey in 2014.

The fact that I could just use skills from my previous job experiences and get started right away as a pro organizer absolutely compelled me to launch my business. 

At that time, I didn’t even have my own computer. I locked myself in a friend’s office for a long weekend and came out with a website. 

Shortly after that, I got my first client ever through a Facebook ad.

The day I walked out of that first consultation with a check for $2,029, I knew something major had changed in my life. I had researched the ever-living-you-know-what out of the organizing industry as I was launching, and I knew this wasn’t the typical result. I had done something differently, and I had done it right.

Something inside me also smiled peacefully that day, and has never stopped smiling since… 

…because I realized then that I had the knowledge of how to turn my skills into real money, and that no one would ever be able to take that away from me. And now I love helping other women do the same via this very special online platform. 


I help savvy businesswomen in the home organizing industry land bigger and better clients - in less time.

I'm Jen Obermeier, the founder of Pro Organizer Studio and creator of the Inspired Organizer® program.

"You are so clearly in the PERFECT profession and role. The incredible value you offer by being a leader and forward thinker in the field… pure gold!"



Photos of jen by ANGELA ZION