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BACK TO SCHOOL: Newsletter + Blog + Social ideas for Moms at the start of the school year

Aug 18

back to school 2021

It’s back to school time for millions of kids–and it’s the perfect time to reach out to one of the BEST client sources for professional organizers–MOMS.

Busy moms are always prime candidates for professional organizing, so spending some time thinking about things that can help them get inspired to start the school year off right–and inspire them to reach out to you for one on one help!

Marketing to Moms for back to school time

Back to school can be a happy time for moms–getting kids back into a schedule and maybe even back to “normal” for people in areas where distance learning affected the last two years of school–but it can often be a stressful time as well.

There are new schedules (getting my two teenagers to realize that they can’t go to sleep at 3 a.m. and wake up at noon FOR INSTANCE!!!), new teachers, remembering to pack lunches, the start of the million after school activities, etc.–and then there is the PAPER. Especially in elementary school, there are often loads of pieces of paper to deal with each day (and moms feel guilty throwing things away even if they aren’t long-term keepers!)

Thinking about the difficulties moms can be facing for the start of the year is the first step to figuring out what content can be most useful for them. What would be helpful for them to hear? How can you give them inspiration to start the school year in an organized fashion?

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

  • Strategies to handle kid paperwork!
    • From what’s important to keep (sentimental things, special art projects, school photos) to the daily paperwork grind (permission slips, school communication, lunch menus)–giving moms ideas for paperwork management is huge.
  • How to manage the sentimental stuff Mom wants to save:
    • Every mom struggles with what to keep–is it every adorable art project from kindergarten through 12th grade? Every spelling test? (True story: my mother in law once gave me my husband’s second grade language arts notebook in case I wanted to see it. He was in his 40s when this occurred. Spoiler alert: I didn’t want it!!)
    • Helping moms with storage ideas for how to corral the school sentimental stuff (and how to let go of the things that really don’t rise to the level of a forever keeper) is inspirational.
  • How to create organized drop zones and command centers for the family
    • Whether it’s a well organized drop point for backpacks and lunchboxes or a command center for paperwork, calendars and other things–offering ideas for how to stay organized and efficient can help a mom immensely.
  • Calendar management / time management ideas
    • Sometimes moms are so busy they don’t have time to understand there are great tools that can streamline their digital organization. Who can handle that? You can, I bet!
  • Organizing sports equipment for each kid
    • Moms could probably tell you the number of hours of their life they’ve lost looking for lost shoes, lost cleats, uniform shorts…giving moms inspiration on how to organize this to make everyone happy will hit a lot of high notes.

You can use these ideas to start brainstorming your own list–maybe there is something specific to your geography that moms should know about; or maybe you have a specialty or niche that is especially interesting to a mom.

marketing to moms

How to get this inspiration out to moms

You’ve got your ideas–how to get them out there? And–most importantly–get your name and your business out there as an organizing genius that moms should want to hire?

One of the most popular “how do I get clients?” suggestions in our Inspired Organizer® community is Facebook groups for moms. You can reach out to the admin of the group and say you have organizing tips for moms starting the school year and see if they’ll let you join the group and post. Or–you can offer to host a Facebook Live for the group to answer their questions.

Email is often the most overlooked resource in a service business. If you haven’t yet started a newsletter, we will have more resources for you to start one coming soon in our back to school series (or you can listen now to an episode of our podcast with Kate the Socialite where she talks about it!) But–if you have even 10 people on your email list–it’s so worthwhile to start a new habit of writing a newsletter. Whenever I wrote a newsletter for my organizing business, I ALWAYS got multiple people who booked sessions because they were reminded I was out there. Write an awesome newsletter with some of your best mom-spiration and then ask people to forward to the moms in their lives to increase your reach.

Write all these goodies into an awesome blog post! Writing a blog post, then linking to it with your social media is easy. You can even be an inspiration to other organizers–write an extra awesome post, and offer it to other organizers to post on their site–which helps your SEO, by the way!

If you don’t want to blog–you can do “micro blogs” on these topics in your social media. Find a cool photo that embodies your organizing tips and inspiration, and then write that mini-blog post on your social channels.

Don’t forget about your PERSONAL social media too. People in my personal life LOVE to hear about my job–sometimes to the point I get tired of talking about it! If you write a post or offer back to school organizing inspiration–post that to your personal pages and remind people what you do for a living. (I got tons of clients just because I made sure my personal network knew what I did for a living–it’s a super overlooked part of marketing!)

Moms are super clients–and we hope you are able to get in front of them to get your fall schedule booked out for weeks!

Author Melissa Klug, professional organizer at Home By Eleven

About the author: Melissa Klug

Melissa is the Program Director of Pro Organizer Studio and the Inspired Organizer® program. She started her organizing business, Home By Eleven, in 2018 to serve the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area. She is certified as a master professional organizer in the KonMari® Method by Marie Kondo. She has organized with hundreds of clients in 8 different states since she started her business, and now serves clients all over the world as a business coach–teaching people how to start their own successful businesses.

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