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How To Prep For A Professional Organizer Brand Photoshoot

Feb 13

Sarah Brent smiling while holding folded towels posing for her branding photoshoot

Meet our guest blogger, Sarah Brent of Practical Harmony! Sarah is one of our official mentors within the Inspired Organizer® Facebook group, and she’s here today to share all her knowledge on how to prepare for a successful branding photoshoot for your professional organizing business.

9 Steps to Your Dream Professional Organizing Brand Photoshoot

There comes a point in your professional organizing business where selfies and amateur snapshots just won’t cut it anymore to really convey your brand’s message to your audience.

One of the best investments I’ve ever made for my organizing business was having a proper branding photoshoot done. Having clear, crisp and cohesive photos will help your brand stand out from all other businesses around you and make you and your company appear more real, professional and approachable.

Being professional organizers, we work in an industry where we rely on our clients to welcome almost complete strangers into their homes to go through their stuff. For many people, this is a very intimidating and scary thing to do! The perfect way to help your clients get to know you better and start instantly building that trust is by using beautiful, professional pictures to show off your face and your personality.

Use this professional organizer branding photoshoot checklist to help you cover all the little details that go into planning a successful branding shoot!

9 Pro Tips For Nailing Your Branding Photoshoot

1. Start Saving

A great branding photographer isn’t going to be cheap and a cheap photographer probably isn’t going to be that great!

A typical branding shoot can run you anywhere from about $500 – $5,000. Try not to let those numbers scare you. Keep in mind that a branding photoshoot is an amazing investment for your company and will take your marketing to the next level.

During the planning/research phase is the best time to start saving for a branding photoshoot so you can be prepared to pay any consultation or scheduling fees when you find the right photographer.

When you reach out to a photographer that you’d love to work with, ask them if they would be interested in doing a services trade. This is a great way to save hundreds of dollars towards your photoshoot!

You may also want to keep in mind the cost of your photoshoot extras like your wardrobe, props, and hair + makeup services. These extras could potentially add an additional $200 – $500 to your total investment.

Sarah Brent carrying folded blankets as she smiles for her professional organizing brand photoshoot

2. Be Your Brand

The whole point of a branding photoshoot is to show off your business to your audience and help them connect with your message and remember you the next time they think “Man, I have GOT to hire an organizer!”

If you don’t already have your brand colors nailed down, start by choosing 2-4 colors that set the mood for your message. Realistically, you are going to be using these colors a lot, so pick something you won’t get tired of seeing or wearing most days.

Don’t fret about making everything perfect, you can certainly rebrand down the road if you ever feel like going in a different direction.

bag with pink nail polish, gold clip, and pen with a professional organizer branded business card

3. Create a Wish List or Mood Board

Providing your branding photographer with some inspiration and a list of “must-have” shots will help ensure your branding shoot will be smooth and super successful.

Consider how you want these shots to be used on your website, social media or any printed marketing materials. Here are some ideas to add to your wish list:

–        Flat Lays
–        Mock-ups
–        Wide images for web banners
** Be sure to ask your photographer for an equal number of landscape and portrait images to use. Landscape, or horizontal, images work best for web design and social media graphics.**
–        Headshots
–        Highlighting your services
–        Working with a client
–        Working on the computer
–        Answering the phone
–        Packing / Unpacking Boxes
–        Making a bed
–        Styling a shelf
–        Drinking coffee
–        Writing in a notebook/planner
–        Shopping for organizing supplies

Instagram is a great place to look for inspiration for your branding shoot. When you find an image you love, click on the bookmark icon to save it for later. You can even create a “Branding Photo Shoot” collection for your bookmarks so they are all saved in one place for easy access.

Pinterest is another option for creating a mood board. Search for terms like “branding photoshoot” or “chic branding” and see what types of images come up. You can also use Pinterest to save images that show off your brand colors and aesthetic.

Sarah Brent making a bed and posing for her photoshoot as a professional home organizer

4. Choose The Right Photographer

Hiring the right photographer for your branding photoshoot is the most crucial part in all of this. You want to find somebody who already produces beautiful images that fit your brand’s look and feel.

A big mistake that I see a lot of business owners do is choosing a photographer that can’t give you the images you want. Resist the urge to pick a photographer solely because they are a close friend or relative. Sure, they make take amazing pictures, but will they be able to capture shots that tell your brand’s story?

Choose a photographer that advertises for lifestyle or branding shoots. When you look at their portfolio, can you already imagine yourself in their photos?

Seriously, I can’t stress this enough. Hire the right photographer for your brand! Don’t settle for anything less, or you won’t be happy with the results.

pink notebook with marble girl boss tablet on white desk with flowers

5. Find The Perfect Location

Choosing a location for your professional organizing branding photoshoot can be pretty tricky since organizers mostly work indoors and natural sunlight is the best for pictures. So, keep in mind that you want to find a location that is bright, clean and uncluttered.

A couple of great locations for your photoshoot would be at a past client’s house or a local AirBnB that has a dreamy pantry, kitchen or master closet. Don’t be afraid to offer a trade to your client or AirBnB host. A lot of people will jump at the thought of getting some organizing done for free!

Another option is to contact any homebuilders or realtors you may know and see if they have any empty units available that are bright and have high-end finishes. Using empty homes can sometimes be easier for a photoshoot rather than trying to make sure an occupied house is clean and available for the day.

Also consider taking some shots inside your favorite stores like Target, Homegoods, Ikea, The Container Store or any local small businesses that resonate with your audience. The best practice is to ask for the businesses’ permission to shoot at their location ahead of time.

If you’re really lucky, you might even find a great photographer that has a gorgeous studio to shoot in!

This is one of the main reasons why I chose my branding photographer. She had a studio that was bright, clean and was already beautifully styled in a way that fit my brand.

Sarah Brent holding two pink shirts and smiling for her branding photoshoot

6. Plan Your Wardrobe

Most photographers will tell you how many outfits to bring, but plan on at least 3-5 full outfits including shoes and jewelry.

Start with your brand’s color scheme and build outfits around that. Now is your time to shine as your company’s spokesperson, so don’t be afraid to pick pieces that pop!

Make sure you find pieces that make you look AND feel great. You don’t want to have to be constantly fixing straps or adjusting necklines during your photoshoot. Pick pieces that truly make you feel like the badass professional organizer that you are!

Sarah Brent's hand holding a pink shirt on a hanger for her organizer photoshoot

7. Don’t Forget the Props

No photoshoot would be complete without some props. The right props can turn any empty room into a beautiful, inviting space. Find pieces that match your brand’s color and aesthetic. Look for items that have fun textures or prints that you love.

–        Baskets
–        Linens
–        Clothes + Hangers
–        Computer / Phone
–        Notebooks
–        Planner
–        Moving boxes + Supplies
–        Organizing bins
–        Labels
–        Your workbag
–        Home Décor items like vases, mirrors and knick-knacks
–        Fresh flowers or plants

Sarah Brent wrapping a vase in paper for her home organizer branding photoshoot

8. Hire Hair + Makeup

Most of us organizers are DIYers at heart, so the thought of paying somebody to do something we can certainly do for ourselves can make your eye twinge. But hear me out, because hiring professional hair + makeup for your branding photoshoot is a step you do not want to skip. You want to invest to look your best! Plus, this is one less major thing you have to worry and stress about on the day of your shoot.

A good makeup artist will work with you on a look that will enhance your natural features and make you look amazing. Major bonus points if they use airbrush makeup because that stuff looks absolutely flawless in pictures.

1-2 weeks out is the best time to schedule a haircut, color, and waxing or nail service. Also, remember to drink lots of water and stay away from foods or products that might irritate your skin before the shoot.

Posing for her organizer branding photoshoot, Sarah Brent holds pink and white confetti

9. Smile + Have Fun!

It’s completely normal to be anxious and nervous leading up to your professional organizer photoshoot. A lot of thought and detail goes into preparing for your shoot, but now is your moment to soak it all in, relax and let your personality shine! Throw on some of your favorite tunes, dance a little and let yourself get comfortable.

Most importantly, don’t forget to smile, laugh and have some fun! Set anything aside that may be weighing you down and just completely focus on letting yourself be the star for the day. I like to think of it as a special self-care, pampering day. You are going to feel so confident and on top of the world when you are all done.

Getting a branding photoshoot done for your professional organizing business is such a fun and exciting way to take your branding to the next level. Bookmark this checklist and keep it handy so you don’t miss any of these important details when planning your shoot.  

Do you have any extra tips for other organizers to use for their branding photoshoot? Share any tips or stories from your branding shoot experience below!

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Sarah Brent

Sarah Brent is the owner of Practical Harmony based in Bloomington, Illinois. She founded her business in the summer of 2014 after spending the majority of her life helping family and friends transform their cluttered houses into comfortable homes. Sarah credits part of her organizing skills to personal experience, having had a grandfather who was a hoarder, she witnessed the damage and distress that clutter and hoarding cause first-hand. When she’s not organizing homes, Sarah enjoys cooking, camping and gardening.

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