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Podcast Episode 36: A Coaching Session with McKayla Thompson

Nov 6

Welcome to Episode 36: A Coaching Session with McKayla Thompson

McKayla Thompson is 18 years old and she is a professional organizer who launched her business before she even graduated high school. As you can imagine, she is extremely ambitious and motivated to be an entrepreneur and get her business going in Ohio.

Today’s episode is actually a coaching call, where I will be talking with her about where she is with her business now, what obstacles she is facing, and what actions she can take to overcome those obstacles.

So, if you are listening today, you are likely to be inspired by her level of self-awareness and her dreams for her business. And regardless of your age or stage of business, I think you will also relate to some of the common fears that organizers have everywhere. I hope you get a lot out of listening in on this coaching session!

And if you are looking to get coaching for your own professional organizing business, let’s chat!

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:55) – McKayla shares why she started her business and her current struggles
(03:10) – Addressing McKayla’s client pre-qualification process
(13:15) – Addressing McKayla’s marketing strategy
(18:44) – Dealing with people who discourage you about your business
(25:47) – Benefits of a strong support system
(32:07) – Connecting with Real Estate Agents
(33:45) – Mindset shifts for boundaries and knowing your worth in your client process
(39:59) – Episode Wrap-up

McKayla Thompson

McKayla is a recent high school graduate and super excited to be an 18-year-old entrepreneur! Her biggest strengths are her attention to detail, promptness, and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. She is passionate about helping others who simply dislike the task of organizing because being meticulously organized is something she does very well!

McKayla hopes to educate and share this passion with each one of her clients and to transform their space into one that works perfectly for them. She is always striving to help people feel that great sense of relief and sanity brought back into their day after an organizing session.

Beyond her love to organize, McKayla absolutely loves sports! Soccer and track have been a huge part of her life as well as staying physically fit and healthy! She is also a lover of poetry as she has found that a good poem delivers inspiration and helps bring meaning to many of life’s lessons. 


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