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Episode 58: Career Transitions and Fulfillment with Lupe Prado

Jul 29

Welcome to Episode 58: Career Transitions and Fulfillment with Lupe Prado

Lupe Prado is a career coach who helps people figure out how to move toward more fulfillment in their jobs. If you are currently in a job situation that leaves you frustrated or feeling the Sunday scaries, my friend Lupe has tips for recognizing what may really be going on so that you can make tangible, positive changes from where you are. I think you’ll enjoy hearing our interview so that you can be reminded that career fulfillment doesn’t have to mean quitting your job overnight and risking it all – it’s more of a sensitive, long-term process so that you can be sure you’re working toward the dream that feels right for you and your family.

What we talk about:

(00:00) – Introduction to the Episode
(01:12) – How Lupe got into career coaching
(04:10) – Finding fulfillment and purpose in your work
(06:18) – Acknowledging and validating your strengths and passions
(07:52) – The Fitting Room concept
(10:25) – Visioning: The Ideal Day
(14:58) – Baby steps toward a goal vs. running away from something
(24:37) – Acknowledging energy drainers
(29:40) – How to work with Lupe
(34:13) – Lupe’s favorite book and podcast
(35:53) – Episode Wrap-up

Resources Mentioned:

Atomic Habits 

career coach lupe prado talks about career transitions

Lupe Prado

Lupe Prado is a professional coach that focuses on career and business coaching. She has coached hundreds of hours and clients across all industries from creative professionals, corporate professionals to CEOs. She started her coaching business in the fall of 2018 after spending the previous eight years in accounting. She lives in Frisco, Texas with her husband Jose and two year old daughter Elena.

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