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Episode 45: Life Coaching As A Pro Organizer With Carly Tizzano

Feb 12

Welcome to Episode 45: Life Coaching As A Professional Organizer with Carly Tizzano

Today, I am interviewing a professional organizer and life coach, Carly Tizzano. Carly launched her organizing business fresh out of college, and within her first year of working with clients, she realized she had taken on a coaching role in their lives to work through the mental clutter along with the physical stuff. Carly took an interest in life coaching and decided to become certified through Brook Castillo’s Life Coaching School.

Today, she is sharing her journey into life coaching, and she’ll explain just how relevant and beneficial this avenue of life coaching is to the professional organizing industry. I hope you enjoy and come away from this conversation feeling inspired!

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:14) – Introducing Carly Tizzano
(02:02) – How Carly got into professional organizing
(05:03) – Carly shares about the purpose of her blog
(08:28) – Incorporating Life Coaching into professional organizing services
(16:30) – Brook Castillo’s Life Coach School & Framework
(24:40) – More about the Self Coaching Scholars program 
(26:58) – Carly shares her why for studying life coaching
(28:39) – How to balance life coaching with practical organization coaching
(39:04) – Episode Wrap-up

Other Resources Mentioned:

Happiness Project Experience

Carly Tizzano

Carly Tizzano is the owner of Masterpeace Organizing, based in the Pacific Northwest.  Masterpeace Organizing is a full-service organizing company, offering in-home organizing, personal assistant services, virtual organizing, and coaching. She and her team help clients to simplify and organize their lives, creating more space and time for them to live the life they want. 

Carly also runs a blog,, where she shares about her personal development journey. 


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