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Episode 51: Advice For New Organizers with Christine Stone

Apr 22

Welcome to Episode 51: Advice For New Organizers with Christine Stone

Although we recorded this episode in January 2020 before our world began to change in unprecedented ways, the advice within is timeless.

Christine Stone is a seasoned professional organizer and the owner of Neatly Designed in Jacksonville, Florida. She has amassed a great following on Instagram, partly because of her consistent and authentic video content about all things organizing, and also because she is seriously devoted to putting her client’s needs first. Today, she is joining me on the podcast to share her own business story and her best advice for new and aspiring professional organizers.

Christine Stone

I was born in Ohio, raised in Miami, Florida, and earned a Communications degree from Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, Texas. I’m a wife and the mother of two daughters living at the beach in North Florida. 

I started Neatly Designed because I have always focused on maintaining a home that is beautiful while still being very functional for everyday living. Efficiency, simplicity, and organization just make life easier. I have found it to be true in my own family, and for the many people I have worked with over the years. A home that is thoughtfully put together makes tackling the other challenges of the day far more manageable. 


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