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Episode 41: Getting The Husband On Board with Heather Freeman

Dec 18

Welcome to Episode 41: Getting The Husband On Board with Heather Freeman

I am so excited to welcome Heather Freeman of The Decor Fix onto the podcast today! Heather is an interior decorator turned course creator who brings tons of experience and insight that meshes so well into our world as organizers.

Today, we are discussing conflict resolution between our clients and their spouses, as well as some tips Heather has learned along the way about bringing all of your experiences in your toolbelt to the table to give the most value to your client. I know she will be a fan favorite, and I can’t wait for you to hear her story. 

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:12) – Heather shares a bit about the evolution of her business
(02:58) – Heather’s tips and insight on client spousal conflict resolution
(08:00) – Developing the tools to create the space for resolving clients’ deeper needs
(11:29) – When your client’s spouse doesn’t agree with hiring an organizer
(16:09) – Being the mediator between a couple during a project
(17:20) – Creating a course or service to upsell to your clients or give alternative value to your audience
(23:10) – Heather explains what it means to upsell
(25:53) – The value of continually investing in education to accelerate your business
(29:45) – What Heather’s business looks like now 
(32:43) – Eliminating the fear of creating your own course
(37:31) – Episode Wrap-up

Heather Freeman

Heather Freeman is a Home Coach, helping empower women to streamline and infuse meaningful style into their homes. 

After 6 years of doing 1-on-1 design services, she now teaches styling and streamlining in her online courses to students worldwide. Her blog, The Decor Fix, has been featured in places like The Huffington Post and Design Sponge and her Bookshelf Styling Class has over 200 students. She is passionate about helping busy moms create a stress-free home that serves their entire family.


Resources Mentioned:
(Freebie) Decor Clutter Detox: 90 Minutes to Less Clutter & More style
(Paid course) The Bookshelf Styling Class: A fail-proof method to a gorgeously styled shelf

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