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Episode 47: Networking with Local Influencers with Carly Adams

Mar 11

Welcome to Episode 47: Networking with Local Influencers with Carly Adams

Professional organizer Carly Adams is joining me on the podcast today. Carly is a student of the Inspired Organizer® course, and the owner of Tidy Revival in Sacramento, California. Today, we’re chatting about her business story, and about her experiences networking with influencers. If you love using social media to market your business, or even if you are new to the game, this episode should give you some fresh ideas on how to collaborate with influencers locally to spread awareness and continue scaling your organizing business.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:17) – Carly shares about her journey into professional organizing
(07:09) – Carly’s experience with tapering off her corporate jobs as her business has grown
(13:50) – The benefits of working with The Blog Bloc or other local influencer groups 
(19:27) – Some ideas for collaborating and partnering with influencers
(22:40) – Social Media marketing and lead conversion as a result of influencer networking
(25:36) – How to decide what to charge and when to give away free work to an influencer
(29:12) – How to start connecting with influencers from scratch
(32:20) – Some ideas on what kinds of influencers to look for
(36:49) – Gaining followers vs. direct client referrals
(39:57) – Episode Wrap-up

Resources Mentioned:
Influence – 
Trove –

Carly Adams

Carly Adams is a Professional Organizer based in Sacramento, CA. She helps her clients get organized in their homes and businesses by working alongside them. Whether that’s helping them declutter, creating a Pinterest-perfect pantry, or helping a busy Mom re-examine the flow of her kitchen or utility closet – Carly is a self-proclaimed “organizational nerd” that loves to geek out to her clients’ benefit. When she’s not dropping off donations, she can be found relaxing at home with her husband and dog.


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