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Podcast Episode 28: All About Business Collaborations with Matlin Pessarra

Sep 11

Welcome to Episode 28: All About Business Collaborations with Matlin Pessarra

Today I am super excited to be chatting with Matlin Pessarra of Minimized Professional Organizers in Charlotte, NC. In the two short years that Matlin has been in business, she has grown a massive Instagram following and she has worked with a number of local influencers and celebrities in Charlotte. I have invited her onto the podcast today to talk all about her experiences with business collaborations.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(00:55) – Introducing Matlin Pessarra
(1:22) – How Matlin got into professional organizing
(3:40) – Matlin shares how her business has evolved since she first launched
(6:10) – How Matlin has used Instagram strategically as a marketing tool
(10:25) – How Matlin got started with collaborations
(12:50) – Collaborating with influencers
(18:30) – Collaborating with celebrities
(23:36) – Collaborating as an alternative to paid advertising
(25:34) – Cold-approaching businesses to initiate a collaboration
(27:55) – Lessons Matlin has learned from business collaborations
(30:41) – Matlin’s advice to new business owners
(32:04) – Episode Wrap-Up

Matlin Pessarra

Matlin Pessarra is the owner and lead organizer of Minimized Professional Organizers, serving Charlotte, NC, and the surrounding areas. As a former teacher and (surprise!) a naturally messy person, Matlin has a unique approach to understanding the psychology of clutter. She and her team work one-on-one with clients – virtually or in person – to help them develop new strategies and habits to find calm and happiness in an organized home.


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