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Podcast Episode 35: Trailblazing in Denmark with Kamille Sommer

Oct 30

Welcome to Episode 35: Trailblazing in Denmark with Kamille Sommer

Kamille Sommer is a professional organizer in Denmark. I know there are many women listening to the podcast who are wondering, “could I ever start an organizing business where I live? No one here has ever HEARD of this industry.” Today you’ll learn what she has done and continues to do as a trailblazer in her country to educate the population and get clients. She’s also found ways to expand her business online, all while keeping her part-time day job. I hope you’re ready to take notes because there’s a lot to be inspired by in this episode.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:09) – Introducing Kamille
(01:57) – Kamille shares how her organizing business got started
(06:00) – How Kamille has worked to spread awareness of organizing in Denmark
(09:15) – The differences between the European mindset of outsourcing versus the US
(11:09) – How Kamille balances her part-time job with her business and life
(12:40) – Representing the organizing industry for Denmark’s equivalent of Houzz 
(14:20) – Kamille’s Organizing Club membership program
(20:30) – The difference in Kamille’s business now that more people know about organizing
(29:14) – What Kamille wants to do next to expand her business
(31:08) – Episode Wrap-up

Kamille Sommer

Kamille Sommer has been working as a professional organizer since 2012 in Denmark under the name “Oprydningskonsulenten” (which means “The Clutter Clear Consultant”). At that time professional organizing was not very known in Denmark, and it is still a growing business. The last few years, however, there has been much more focus on spreading awareness for organizing and professional organizers.

Today, Kamille is both helping clients in their homes and managing an online organizing club with more than 100 members.

Kamille has prior education in organizing and in feng shui and is also educated as a health care assistant. All of Kamille’s education and experiences make a very good combination to help people with different challenges in reaching their goals.

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