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logo tips from Emma Woodman

DIY logo design tips for your organizing biz with Emma Woodman

Aug 1

I am SO excited to have Emma Woodman on for her first Pro Organizer Studio Facebook live! If you don’t know Emma, she’s our resident branding and web design expert and she is amazing, AND she’s talking all about logo design tips for your organizing business. She offers some incredible branding and web design services for pro organizers, so check her out here.

How you brand your business is THE difference between getting paid like a housekeeper vs. getting paid $50-125 an hour by high end clientele. So listen up. Even if you need to DIY your organizing business logo right now, you can still do it with class and style. Emma walks you through the real branding process she uses with her clients, plus she tells you exactly what you’ll need to design your own logo.

And once you are done learning about your logo design, make sure to hop on over a read our top 6 DIY website tips for professional organizers to tie your branding all together.

3:21 Get to know our website and branding expert, Emma!

5:54 How Emma fell in love with logo design

7:39 Getting started with the brand process

9:32 The brand questionnaire Emma uses for her clients

11:56 How to use Pinterest to develop your brand

14:48 Get organizing business logo and brand inspiration from Emma’s Instagram and Pinterest

16:41 The behind the scenes process of logo design

18:35 Why you need feedback on your logo concepts

19:12 Font resources for DIY brand design

20:34 Avoid this common DIY logo mistake

20:53 Why Creative Market is the graphic design resource you need to streamline your business

23:21 What to do when it’s time for a digital mockup of your logo

23:54 Why you NEED Adobe Illustrator to design your own logo, and how to save money getting it (seriously)

25:45 Knowing when to quit

27:46 Do this before you save your logo files

29:00 Your business logo needs to have these variations to REALLY work for you

29:48 The file formats you need to have for your logo

31:23 How to use Canva to design your marketing materials

33:54 Guidelines to help your DIY logo project stand out

36:08 How to use premade logos from Creative Market and Etsy

38:17 Design rules for choosing your logo fonts

40:04 This color test will save you so much time when designing your brand

44:21 Going the DIY route? Emma can still help!

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  1. Tessa Fontaine says:

    Emma, I created my logo in Pages on my Mac. Can you make an Illustrator version so I have a quality image?

    • Jen Kilbourne says:

      Hey Tessa! She has a new one-week branding package for customizing premade logos — it might be exactly what you are looking for. Contact her about it at


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