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Professional Organizer Website – 6 DIY Website Tips

Jan 6

Tips for your Professional Organizer Website

I have often said that starting a professional organizing business is virtually free because you can DIY most of the startup tasks. 

Building your own beautiful, low-cost website for your organizing business is one way you can save money from the start. Many website hosting services, like Weebly and Wix, even have free web-hosting options as well. 

If you choose to DIY your website, use these website tips for professional organizers to guide you toward a design that is appealing to your ideal client, and that represents the purpose of your business → to help people remove excess from their lives.

Our Top 6 DIY Website Tips for Pro Organizers

1. Keep it simple.

Speaking of removing excess, your website should not have an overwhelming amount of visual stimulation. Remember, your visitor is coming to your website already overwhelmed with their own lives. Try not to add to their stress and confusion with a cluttered website that contains too much text, photos or navigation options. 

As professional organizers, we want to create peace and clear space for our clients — not chaos. It follows then that our websites themselves should reflect our ability to simplify and streamline anything and everything.

That being said, you don’t want to over-organize your website either. Be careful to strike the right balance with your number of pages and drop-down menus on your site so that the information that the visitor is looking for is easy to find. (The last thing you want is for them to have to click through so many detailed subcategories that they just give up and exit your site!)

professional organizer webiste on a computer screen

2. Use professional headshots.

Your website is your first full-time employee! It works for you day and night, representing you to the general public. It is the first impression your clients get when they are considering whether or not to allow you into their homes (…and their underwear drawers). So given how sensitive the work we do can be, you want them to feel comfortable with you right off the bat. You can do that with a warm and welcoming professional headshot. 

If you just can’t swing the expense of a pro photographer right now, try using the portrait mode on an iPhone (7 or newer). You will get the best results if you have someone else take photos of you outside but in the shade. (Think: on the porch or under a tree.) 

If you take photos inside, get as close to a bright window as possible, and avoid artificial light. (That same tip applies to before-and-after photos for your social media!) 

3. Use calming colors.

Your visitor is looking for someone to calm the chaos of their lives. If your professional organizer website is visually overwhelming with several bright colors and too many different fonts, chances are they will think, “This is not the person for me.” 

You want the value that you are offering to START WITH your website. Bring them into a calming experience with a simple, organized, and welcoming website, and they will have all the confidence that you can deliver exactly what they need.

professional organizer website on a screen of a computer

4. Use Squarespace, if you can.

We are huge fans of Squarespace here! While I don’t use Squarespace anymore for Pro Organizer Studio’s website, I still highly recommend it for Professional Organizers building their first site on a budget. 

Out of all of the plug-and-play web builders out there, Squarespace has the most template designs that are simple to learn, look very sophisticated, and are so easy to maintain. (The Inspired Organizer® course includes multiple web design tutorials for organizers starting out on Squarespace, or moving over from another platform.)

5. Choose testimonials over before & after photos. 

I personally feel that testimonials hold much more weight than before and after photos. 

Before and after photos on organizing websites tend to just add visual clutter. You want your website to be an inspiration to your potential client for what their home could look like. 

They already know what a cluttered space looks like. They live in it every day!

Instead, sprinkle rave reviews from your clients throughout your website, or even add a page just for all those love notes to live. Visitors will love reading what it FELT like to work with you, even more than seeing images of the transformations. 

ipad with a professional organizer website on the screen

6. Good enough is better than perfect

You want your website to be perfect. I get it. We are PRO organizers after all! 

We want everything we do and produce to be beautiful and flawless… But, perfection truly does not exist. Fight hard against the perfectionistic mindset and don’t allow it to slow you down from starting your dream business! Build your website until it is good enough, and then get yourself out there and start talking to people about what you offer. You can always re-brand and upgrade your site after getting the cash flow going into your biz.

If you find yourself fiddling with your site and tweaking little things constantly, chances are you are avoiding that next step out of fear. So, it’s time to walk away from your computer and start creating real momentum for your brand in your community.

Today there are so many options out there that truly make launching your own professional organizing website easy and low cost, including a beautifully crafted website! Did you find these website tips for pro organizers useful? Let us know. I love hearing from you.

xo, Jen

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