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Xiomara Romero

Episode 83: Taking Her Organizing Business On the Road: Meet Inspired Organizer® Xiomara

Jun 2

Xiomara Romero didn’t let a lot of grass grow under her feet when she decided to start her organizing business. She got the idea one night, and the NEXT MORNING at the grocery store, had already gotten her first client on the hook.

Xiomara and her husband, who is a handyman for her business (a FABULOUS business idea!) will soon take their home, a 27-foot Airstream, on the road. She plans to visit all 50 states while organizing clients. She tells us all about this amazingly unique plan and what is happening with her business.

She also helps pro organizers remember that perfection is never the goal–she gives us great advice!

Xiomara is a part of our Inspired Organizer® program. We’d love to tell you more about it–click here for more information!

Xiomara Romero, owner of Lilly’s Organizing

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