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Episode 48: Creating A Scalable Offer with Haley Burkhead

Mar 18

Welcome to Episode 48: Creating A Scalable Offer with Haley Burkhead

It never fails that my private coaching clients will say to me that one of their bucket list items is something like writing their own book someday, creating an online program to help people get organized, or even put out their very own organizing method into the world to become the next Marie Kondo. 

This episode is for you if you are really excited by the idea of building an online business to make an impact far beyond what you can do with hands-on organizing clients one at a time.

My guest today is Haley Burkhead who helps service-based businesses create that online offer out of your expertise and then implement all of the technical pieces that go into enrolling people into your organizing course or membership site. Buckle up for this one and prepare to have your mind blown.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Introduction to the Episode
(01:27) – Introducing Haley Burkhead
(03:58) – Figuring out whether or not an online offer is the right next step for you
(05:09) – Molly the Coach
(07:22) – Mia the Leader
(09:16) – How a scalable offer could ensure a longterm career
(11:33) – How to help people without doing the work for them
(21:20) – Reaching a broader audience with an online course or program
(23:57) – Running the revenue numbers
(27:18) – Haley explains the 4 parts to her proven sales machine 
(34:12) – How to bring in leads to your sales machine
(39:44) – How Haley can help you get started
(41:37) – Episode Wrap-up

Haley Burkhead

Haley Burkhead helps entrepreneurs craft and implement a sales machine that creates consistent income without relying on a big audience, ad spend, or slow-growth marketing strategies.

Haley started out as that entrepreneur rockin’ the 14-hour day, freelance life, desperately seeking the marketing secret that would magically cure her bank account. The gurus were shouting advice that didn’t land right with her – she knew there had to be an easier way than using a strategy that relied on a big, warm audience, and consistent content.

So, she created a different approach. Through her Recurring Profit program, Haley teaches other entrepreneurs how to create predictive, passive $10,000 months with their course or membership site.


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