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Make Money as a Pro Organizer

How Ashley Grubbs made over $18k in 1 month as a pro organizer

Jan 17

I am so proud of my students. Nothing brings me more joy than to watch awesome boss babes find success in the business of their dreams. One such lovely lady is Ashley Grubbs of Mind Your Mess.


Ashley is a student of Inspired Organizer™. She put the course to work for her, and totally rocked it in 2017!


Ashley joined our free Facebook group in May of 2017. She was just getting started in her organizing business and had left her full-time job as a few weeks before. “I was working for a wonderful company called Airrosti. We treated musculoskeletal injuries at a rapid rate, but after 5 years of doing that I knew it was time for me to pursue my organizing passion,” says Ashley. She jumped right in to my free content and said it gave her new goals and ideas on what to fine-tune in her business, even though she was already organizing full-time. But she was still itching for more and couldn’t wait to bring her business to new heights.


When she hit up the other students on Facebook about joining Inspired Organizer™ (formerly known as “The Master Class” or MC), she received so much encouragement that she decided to make the investment.



By the end of June 2017, she reported that she had already raised her rates 2 times since going full-time in April! “This class and group has given me the confidence to do that last raise to $100/hr and create the package pricing!”



Just a few short months later she had become so booked with clients that she knew she had to get our subcontractor guide for professional organizers, just to keep up with the load. Sounds like a great problem to have!



Ashley’s confidence in her business has only continued to grow. She’s shared multiple instances when the course and the Inspired Organizer™ community have encouraged her to stick to her guns and stand firm with her pricing. She has scored clients time and again because of her commitment!



And we all had to pick our jaws up off the floor when she hopped onto Facebook live to share her December wins with us.



Transcript of Ashley’s video:

“I wanted to share some big wins over the past month with everybody, and I am hoping that I can inspire some of you guys, so that if you are having a hard month or downtime, or you’re just getting started, know that it CAN happen. I hope that a lot of you will join the master class when it reopens because it has seriously changed my life. There is no way I would have this confidence otherwise. I would not be able to do things I am doing right now if we was not for that class. I just wouldn’t even know where to begin – I wouldn’t know how to deal with the marketing for the clientele that I am going towards.


So anyway, I started my business in September last year, and I left my full time job in April. This year I took a big leap of faith (to go full-time), and now it’s December. In November, I think I had one really small job, and then I didn’t have any jobs for the rest of November, so I was kind of freaking out, but now December has been crazy busy.


 • At the beginning of the month I had somebody buy my largest single organizing package for $5400, and there’s no way I would have been able to price those hours and that package without the master class.


 • Then I was totally inspired by Sarah and Layne’s live video a couple of weeks ago. So, I met with Julie McCoy, who’s also an organizer in Houston and in the master class. We decided that if one of us got a large job, then we would bring the other one on. So I’m super happy to report that a lady called me, I did a consultation, her husband secretly said no — and then called me and is gifting her with the double organizer package for Christmas for $7200!


 • Then today I had a consultation with somebody, and I created a special package for her because she didn’t want to spend $7000, so she bought a double organizer package for $6120. I don’t even feel like I’m living a real life right now, but all I know is I love my job, this is surreal, it’s amazing and the master class is so unbelievable! It has helped me so much and there’s no way I could be here without it.


Thank you, Jen and team and even the Inspired Organizer FB group. You guys are awesome and everybody is so inspiring, and I love all the questions that you guys post and everything. Let me know if you have any questions, but if you’re not in the master class and just thinking about doing it, do it!”




The last thing she wanted me to make sure I told you?


“The only other thing I want to add is that not only has my business been way more successful than I imagined it would be at this time, but I have met some AMAZING women in the Facebook group for Inspired Organizer™, and I feel so happy to have a support group and a bunch of women in Houston who I can reach out to if I need help with jobs. I trust them, and I know we are on the same page. I don’t really even have to train them. We all went through the same class. We talk almost every day in the group. I consider them my friends!” 


I love this group too! We are ALL celebrating with Ashley in her success this year, and I personally cannot wait to see where 2018 takes her, along with all the girls of Pro Organizer Studio!




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Photos of jen by ANGELA ZION