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Podcast Episode 32: Running a Business Around Your Priorities as a Mom

Oct 9

Welcome to Episode 32: Running a Business Around Your Priorities as a Young Mom with Di Ter Avest

Today, I am chatting with Di Ter Avest, owner of Di Is Organized in Baltimore, MD. While I have heard many aspiring organizers say that they want to wait to start their business until their young children are in school, Di Ter Avest shares how she manages her organizing business with two little ones. With the right support system, healthy boundaries and some pre-planning, balancing your priorities may not be as hard as you think.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:00) – Di shares how she started her business
(06:53) – How Di’s confidence has grown since going through Inspired Organizer®
(11:10) – How Di balances work in her business and family life
(15:18) – Di describes her experience in the Inspired Organizer® Facebook community
(18:14) – How Di created a brand that fits her authentic self
(20:39) – Episode Wrap-up

Di Ter Avest

Di Ter Avest is the owner and organizer behind Di Is Organized in Baltimore, MD. Di was born in Brazil and first moved to the States in 2008. Her passion for an organized home led her to start her own business in 2013. As a mom of two little ones, she knows how busy life can be. Di believes having an organized home is key to a stress-free and enjoyable life. She truly loves helping people to get organized so they can focus on living the life they have always dreamed about and spend time with the people they love.


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