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Podcast Episode 23: Rewriting Your Money Mindset with Cabri + Sarah

Aug 7

Welcome to Episode 23: Rewriting Your Money Mindset with Cabri Carpenter & Sarah Brent

In this week’s episode, I am chatting with professional organizers Cabri Carpenter and Sarah Brent. Cabri and Sarah found each other through the Accountability Partner program we offer as a perk of our Inspired Organizer membership. Due to the intentional changes they have made in their mindsets around money and self-worth, they have both taken huge steps forward in their businesses this year. I am so thrilled to have them share their stories with you today.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Introduction to the episode
(01:27) – Introducing Cabri & Sarah
(03:10) – More about the Accountability Partner Program
(04:23) – Cabri & Sarah’s experience as Accountability Partners
(07:08) – How Jen Sincero’s book influenced Cabri and Sarah
(08:16) – How Sarah gained the confidence to raise her rates
(10:22) – Pinpointing your negative money mindset themes in order to rewrite them
(15:40) – Cabri shares about the snowball effect of goal-setting
(19:20) – What Cabri would tell her past self
(21:30) – What Sarah would tell her past self
(26:45) – Sarah shares what happened when she stopped taking non-organizing side jobs
(33:38) – Cabri shares why  she turned down a full-time warehouse organizing position
(38:00) – Money Mindset book  recommendations
(41:46) – Episode Wrap-up

Resources mentioned:

You Are A Badass At Making Money
Profit First
The Total Money Makeover
Secrets of The Millionaire Mind
Sell Or Be Sold
The Life Coach School Podcast

Cabri Carpenter

Cabri started Minimize then Organize in November 2017 to serve Lubbock, TX and the surrounding west Texas areas. She has been organizing full-time since starting her business. She calls herself a “rebel organizer” and enjoys creating customized (sometimes weird) solutions that serve her clients. Outside of organizing, you can find Cabri most likely reading about personal development of some sort, playing with her rescue pup, and drinking a Sonic sweet tea!


Sarah Brent

Sarah Brent is the owner of Practical Harmony based in Bloomington, Illinois. She founded her business in the summer of 2014 after spending the majority of her life helping family and friends transform their cluttered houses into comfortable homes. Sarah credits part of her organizing skills to personal experience, having had a grandfather who was a hoarder, she witnessed the damage and distress that clutter and hoarding cause first-hand. When she’s not organizing homes, Sarah enjoys cooking, camping and gardening.


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