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Podcast Episode 10: Network With Your Competition with Boss Project

May 8

Welcome to Podcast Episode 10: Network with Your Competition and Be Booked Out with Boss Project Abagail and Emylee.

Today we’re going to chat about something super specific and special for getting your organizing business services off the ground. Make sure you take notes on this one because it’s a brand new take on what organizers can do to network with their competition and get more clients!

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Introduction to this episode
(01:08) – Introduction to Boss Project Abagail and Emylee
(03:16) – How to create a referral system with your competition
(11:42) – What problem you’re solving for busy, successful organizers with this method
(17:58) – Why being an introvert can’t be your excuse with this simple method
(20:15) – How to get more of the clients you love
(29:00) – The nitty gritty about starting out your business with referrals
(32:52) – Why big businesses were built on relationships
(39:12) – A last tip on how to stop getting out of your own way
(41:04) – Episode Wrap-Up

Abagail and Emylee, Boss Project

Abagail and Emylee founded Boss Project, formerly known as Think Creative Collective, just months after meeting each other online. What began as a conversation over wine on Abagail’s office floor transformed into building a community and business that had ridiculous goals, dreams and ideas. Together they built a multi-six-figure business in under 12-months by helping thousands of creative entrepreneurs build a soul-fulfilling and freaking profitable business.When they’re not building their empire you can find Abagail arranging fresh flowers, cuddling her rescue beagles or cooking up some amazing, healthy meals. If you want to catch up with Emylee you’ll need to head to the local coffee shop to find her (and make sure to buy her an extra shot). Otherwise she’s creepily watching her toddler sleep or posing her newest houseplant for an Insta-worthy gram.

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