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Podcast Episode 14: How to Start Organizing Virtually with Nikki Boyd

Jun 5

Welcome to Podcast Episode 14: How to Start Virtually Organizing with Nikki Boyd.

In this week’s episode, I am interviewing YouTuber Nikki Boyd. Nikki is the creator of the popular lifestyle brand At Home With Nikki on YouTube. She also offers professional organizing services in the Charleston, SC area and all over the world via “virtual organizing.” My interview with her covered all kinds of topics, including how she got started on YouTube, things she’s learned from her audience, and how she found out that being a professional organizer was a real business.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Introduction to this episode
(00:54) – Introduction to Nikki Boyd
(01:28) – How Nikki started her YouTube channel
(03:58) – How long it took Nikki to cultivate her community
(07:30) – What inspired Nikki to start working with people 1-on-1
(09:35) – How Nikki juggles creating content and client work
(12:09) – What virtual organizing is and how to start doing it
(15:53) – How Nikki gets away with doing very little marketing
(18:35) – Who virtual organizing is NOT for
(20:36) – The best way to do a consult with a virtual organizing client
(22:17) – Tips on creating video content
(24:58) – Nikki’s new subscription service
(26:19) – Nikki’s view on pricing your services
(28:40) – Nikki shares about her team
(34:39) – More information about Nikki’s subscription box
(37:09) – How to clean your office weekly
(40:30) – How Nikki feels about being an African-American in this industry
(42:29) – Nikki’s viewpoint on books like The Magic Art of Tidying Up
(45:21) – Nikki’s last tips
(47:13) – Episode Wrap-Up

Nikki Boyd, At Home with Nikki

Nikki Boyd is a YouTuber and founder of At Home with Nikki, a virtual professional organizing business. She lives in Charleston, South Carolina with her retired military husband and 3 amazing kids. Recently, she opened up her professional organization firm to help individuals create beautifully organized spaces within their home and work environments. Follow Nikki on Instagram at


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Podcast Episode 14: How to Start Organizing Virtually with Nikki Boyd

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