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Podcast Episode 25: Living Your Brand and Company Values with Nikki Boyd

Aug 21

Welcome to Episode 25: Living Your Brand and Company Values with Nikki Boyd

I’m excited to welcome back Nikki Boyd of At Home With Nikki. Nikki is a professional organizer in the Charleston, SC area who started her business 6 years ago with a YouTube channel. Her brand has now expanded to a local organizing business, a new book called Beautifully Organized, virtual coaching services for clients worldwide, and much more. Today, we are catching up on what is new in Nikki’s world. I am sure you will enjoy this one!

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:12) – Check out our 2017 interview with Nikki Boyd
(02:30) – Nikki shares the process of writing her book, Beautifully Organized
(5:35) – How Nikki’s book is different than other organizing books
(6:35) – Update on At Home With Nikki
(9:49) – What does a normal day look like for Nikki?
(11:37) – Nikki shares about working with client’s virtually
(12:31) – How Nikki’s virtual organizing process has changed
(13:12) – Nikki’s biggest learning curve as a businesswoman 
(14:47) – How big is Nikki’s team?
(15:35) – Nikki’s open showroom office
(19:35) – What does Nikki do to stay on top of her busy schedule
(20:50) – Nikki’s thoughts on her own self-care
(24:00) – Episode Wrap-Up

Resources mentioned:

Beautifully Organized

Nikki Boyd

Nikki Boyd is a social media influencer and professional organizer who shares tips on home organization, decor, and DIY projects. Nikki’s philosophy is that your home should not only function for you and your family but should be your beautiful haven. She is the published author of Beautifully Organized, and she has also had the opportunity to share her tips in media outlets such as Martha Stewart Living, First for Women Magazine, USA Today Magazine, Ebony Magazine, The Washington Post, and CNN. Traveling the world as a military spouse has allowed Nikki the opportunity to gain a multitude of knowledge in how to run an efficient home filled with love and memories.


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