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Podcast Episode 21: Taking Your Pro Organizing Business Online

Jul 24

Welcome to Episode 21: Taking Your Pro Organizing Business Online: Tips and Ideas for Success

In today’s episode, I am walking you through my brainstorm of ideas on expanding your professional organizing business online- from creating inexpensive lead magnets to all-inclusive online courses. I hope this episode leaves you feeling super inspired and motivates you to explore how you can showcase your expertise to a much larger audience. This is truly my favorite topic!

What I Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(3:52) – Why an online component in your business is a good idea
(5:30) – Types of online products
(12:00) – “Holiday organizing specialty” Case study
(15:30) – Creating a funnel for your online business
(18:15) – Ideas for a “gated” information product
(22:01) – Pros of a Facebook group
(24:15) – Jen’s proven Facebook group strategy
(26:28) – Cons of a Facebook group
(31:24) – Ideas for a cheap information product
(41:57) – Ideas for a medium level information product
(46:40) – Tips for creating a small course
(53:00) – Tips and ideas for creating a large course
(1:13:13) – Would I change my strategy if I were to do it all over again?
(1:20:25) – The process for creating a product
(1:30:30) – Copywriting that speaks to your audience’s needs
(1:34:30) – Lessons I’ve learned along the way
(1:43:39) – Episode Wrap-Up

Resources mentioned:

Mariah Coz – Femtrepreneur
Pinfinite Growth
Pro Organizer Studio Resource List
Book a Strategy Session with Jen

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