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How to Become a Professional Organizer

Sep 14


Become A Professional Home Organizer


Are you as nerdy about organizing (and EXCELLING at) your personal finances as I am? If so, you’re probably all about that Dave Ramsey, gazelle-intense life, AND you should look at becoming a professional organizer!


Why Should You Become A Pro Organizer?


Because if you LOVE to organize already why not turn your passion into a career so you can start getting passionate about your career! It can either be a lucrative business that can support the lifestyle of your choice, OR be a great side hustle to help you bring in additional income for extra spending cash or to help you get out of debt.

Getting rid of debt requires laser focus… and some extra income can be a serious game changer. And I know that Dave is all about the pizza delivery gig, but I’m thinking maybe he hasn’t seen our student loans, amiright?! That stuff needs a freaking fire lit under it.



Here’s the deal… your side hustle doesn’t have to involve long hours and minimum wage. If you love color-coding your closet and can’t help but straighten up your sister’s pantry EVERY. TIME. you visit, you need to leverage those skills to pay off your debt snowball. Other people do not have your organized brain. What seems totally basic to you is giving someone else (like your sister) a panic attack right now. And that’s why there are people ready and willing to pay you upwards of $75 an hour for a professional to organize their homes for them. That’s a real income that can help you pay off debt so much faster than delivering pizzas. Plus, it’s the kind of stylish, dream job that you’ve been wanting all along anyway, right?


Why getting organized and attacking your debt snowball actually go hand in hand


Have you ever noticed how much more productive and energized you are when your home is organized? It’s like a relaxed caffeine buzz that helps you get more done. Financial peace is the same way. It’s hard to be the focused, productive person you want to be if your budget and bank account are a mess.


And I’m not the only one thinking these topics go together like peas & carrots. The Konmari + Dave Ramsey Facebook group is an amazing place to hang out with other people in love with organizing AND financial freedom. But most of the people there don’t know one of my favorite things about organizing and money: getting paid to organize other people is a thing, and it could help you get out of debt fast.


Now that your own home is “Konmari’d” like a pro, it’s time to open up shop and get serious about making money by becoming a professional organizer, because as you’re well aware, that debt snowball isn’t going to pay itself off.


Everything you need to start either your side hustle or a full time professional organizing career… now


You’re both organized and super motivated to get your financial life on track (because wouldn’t it be nice if your bank account was as zen as your closet?) …So now what? I’m going to walk you through the exact steps you need to launch your profitable professional organizing business. And the best part? This is a great side hustle — which means you can work it around your day job, kid’s schedule, or whatever else you’ve got going on right now.


⭐️ SO IMPORTANT: Becoming a professional organizer requires very little overhead costs, which is why it’s the greatest side hustle on the planet for people like us. And yet…


When I started my organizing business, I absolutely wasted time AND money (that I did not have to spend) on some of the wrong things. It’s why I’m so passionate about setting you on the right path, so you can have a business that pays well and makes you happy.


These are the 3 steps you need to take to launch your pro organizing business efficiently, while staying calm and sane in the process (that last part is just as important as the first!).





You have to start somewhere, and I want to make sure you launch your biz without wasting any of your valuable time and money. Getting your first client is THE most important step (plus, you have to be sure you even LIKE the job before investing a bunch of time and energy into this business). Being profitable is the key to staying in business, so focus on getting that first job before you start obsessing about all of the extras details that come with running your biz.





This is a real business, and that means you need to make things official. There are some things you can do the bare minimum on starting out, but the legality of your business should not be one of them. Make sure you set things up correctly now so that you can avoid panicky headaches later. Luckily, this is typically far easier (and less expensive) than you imagine it to be.





Starting your own side hustle can be lonely, especially if no one you know has even heard of professional organizing before.Connecting with real people who understand the biz can be so encouraging. Find a friend to be your accountability partner, or network with other women working side hustles in your area. Having a biz bestie to hold your hand throughout the process will help you stay calm and focused… I mean, gazelle-intense.





Being your own boss isn’t always easy, but it is a super empowering way to build a life you love, create a lucative career, and knock out your debt. Setting clear, realistic goals for your business will help you stay motivated when you hit the tough days (like when the kids won’t nap, or it’s time to update your accounting software… #reallife). Make time every month to set measurable goals and map out how you’re going to reach them. Knowing exactly what your next steps are is incredibly calming, plus it will supercharge your productivity (and in side hustle life, productivity is everything).

Start by figuring out how many hours you need to work to achieve your debt snowball goals. Then, make sure your marketing efforts realistically support that number. If you need four clients this month, only talking to four people about your services is not going to cut it. You always have to be planting seeds for the next season of your business, too!

And please be realistic about your time. Organizing is an incredible opportunity for certain types of people, but still, building a profitable business is not a sprint. It’s okay to go slowly and only take on clients that fit with your life. This is a physical and emotional job, so self-care is really important, and that takes time. Not to mention, you can’t project a calm, put-together lifestyle for your clients if you’re constantly neglecting your personal life.



Want more tips on how to become a professional organizer? Check out 7 MORE tips on how to create a professional organizer career then check out our ultimate guide on how to do that here.



How are you paying off your debt snowball?


What are your favorite tips and tricks for staying gazelle-intense and making your debt disappear? I’d be super interested to hear your strategies in the comments!




Get my simple roadmap for launching and growing your business or check out our services on how we can help you launch the organizing business of your dreams.





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  1. Megan Smith says:

    I’m working on snowballing our debt right now! I wrote out my detailed plan a few months ago. My favorite tool to make this possible is YNAB. It stands for You Need a Budget. It’s a web-based program that goes hand in hand with Dave Ramsey’s philosophies. I want to start my own professional organizing business as a side hustle to help snowball our debt faster! I love everything I’ve read of yours so far. Can’t wait to dive deeper!

    • Jen Kilbourne says:

      Hey Megan! I use YNAB too and I LOVE it. I just converted over to the web-based version finally and it’s amazing. So glad to have you here!


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