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So, you've found your dream job. Now, get our resources and get ready to turn your organizing obsession into a chic, profitable business. Enjoy these freebies and get inspired! 


Creating luxury customer service experiences with Liz Brigham


What exactly do high-end medical spas and professional organizers have in common? A whole. freaking. lot. Special guest Liz Brigham joins me to talk about how you can create a seriously amazing customer service experience for your high end clientele. These are easy, actionable tips from an experienced customer service pro, so you better be ready to take notes!


I know you. You’re organizing obsessed, and it was kinda hard to step away from rearranging your kitchen cabinets (for the seventeenth time) to read this blog post. It comes so naturally to you that you probably haven’t realized people are ready to pay you serious money to organize for them… But they totally are. 


5 reasons why people are hiring pro organizers (+FREE download!)


The ultimate guide to your professional organizing side hustle


Running your side hustle… it isn’t an easy gig. But having a job you love, where you get to use your natural talents to make people’s lives better? Totally worth it. I know that getting started while you’re busy can be tough. That’s why I’ve put together 6 of my favorite productivity tips so you can rock your side hustle while staying sane. Plus read to the end to download a complete side hustle guidebook with tips from real Pro Organizers! 


I know a lot of you are just now getting into Instagram for business purposes. Instagram can be super-intimidating because everyone else’s feed is sooo gorgeous, and all the “best advice” out there says you should post on the platform at least once a day. 

The million dollar question is, what in the world will you post?


How to use styled stock photography for your organizing business

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Blogging for pro organizers: A year of seasonal content ideas


As I state in my free course for starting a pro organizing biz, you just don’t have to do a bunch of free or cheap jobs for people in order to get the ball rolling on getting clients.

I believe in giving your expertise away and showing off your aesthetic online, because your blog can be like Tinder for your business. In just a post or two, your potential client can fall in love with you, your style & your branding and forget other organizers ever existed, or… swipe left and forget about you forever. 

Your writing style, your ideas, and the photos that go along with your blog can go a long way in speaking to your future clients even if you aren’t a full-time organizer. In fact, if you are working another job right now or staying at home with your kids, one way to plant the seeds for a future career as a professional home organizer is to just start blogging.


One of the things that scared me the most when I started organizing other people? …was the feeling of not looking like I knew what I was doing.

I bet you thought I was going to say not actually knowing what I was doing.


Well of course, that made me nervous a few times too… until I realized that every client wanted something unique and individualized from me anyway, not a “prescribed process”. I learned very quickly how to listen to the way she described her situation in her home and jump right into what was bothering HER the most. It’s a simple tip that changes the game.


The Complete Client Process Template for Professional Organizers

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4 Game-Changing Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Organizing Biz

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As a pro organizer (even part time) taking the time to max out your Pinterest boards in a strategic way is not only fun, but a really important part of your business.

Your profile is something you can link to directly from Find My Organizer, your other social media accounts, and should definitely play a big role on your website.

Here are 4 ways to use Pinterest as part of your professional organizing toolkit online!


What’s your pro organizer “personality”?? Take this fun quiz and get some key insights into your branding strategy!


QUIZ: What kind of pro organizer are you really?