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Podcast Episode 18: Build a Business that Runs Like Clockwork

Jul 3

Welcome to Episode 18: Build a Business that Runs Like Clockwork

In this week’s episode, I am joined by professional organizer Brie Kistler, who also happens to be my Operations Manager at Pro Organizer Studio. Today we are talking about what goes on behind the scenes at Pro Organizer Studio, as well as some tips we have learned recently to help the business run as smoothly as possible. We will be sharing our experience as students of Adrienne Dorison’s new course, Run Like Clockwork.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Introduction to the episode
(01:01) – Introducing Brie Kistler
(02:15) – How Brie and Jen met and starting working together
(06:41) – Brie’s role at Pro Organizer Studio
(08:10) – Why we read the book Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz
(09:10) – Finding the Run Like Clockwork course from Adrienne Dorison
(09:43) – Why we decided to enroll in the Run Like Clockwork course
(10:07) – Brie’s summary of the book Clockwork
(10:55) – How even a solo professional organizer can benefit from this book
(15:17) – Easy steps you can take right now to get started “clockworking” your business
(16:04) – Recapping our favorite lessons and tools we learned from Run Like Clockwork
(22:29) – How the course has changed the way we work as a team
(27:05) – Jen explains what bottlenecks are and how to avoid them in your business
(32:30) – Brie shares why she loves her job
(33:36) – Information about the Pro Organizer Studio Retreats
(34:48) – Episode Wrap-Up

Run Like Clockwork Course
Clockwork Book
Profit First Book

Brie Kistler

Brie Kistler is an Inspired Organizer™ turned Operations Manager for Pro Organizer Studio. With a background in Psychology and HR Management, Brie brings a variety of skills to the table as she assists Jen in a multitude of community and project management tasks. She is also the brains behind the match-making for our Accountability Partner Program, which is very popular amongst the Inspired Organizer™ students.

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