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Podcast Episode 29: Entrepreneurial Growing Pains with Samantha Pregenzer

Sep 18

Welcome to Episode 29: Business Growth & Entrepreneurial Growing Pains with Samantha Pregenzer

Today, I am joined again by the incredible Sam Pregenzer of Simply Organized. Sam has found much success in the organizing world, but it doesn’t come without a cost. Today she opened up about the business growth and the growing pains of entrepreneurial life. Sometimes balancing multiple business projects and multiple kids’ schedules is just not that pretty, and finding time for self-care becomes a bit of a chess game. Clearly she is finding a way to make it work. I hope this candid conversation encourages you today.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:30) – Sam shares about her busy summer and getting back into fall routines
(08:28) – Customizing workflows around a unique and growing business
(14:16) – Projects that Sam enjoys the most
(16:16) – How Sam became a field editor for Better Homes and Gardens
(20:21) – The process of rebranding Simply Organized to SO|Home
(21:41) – Sam talks about choosing partnerships with other companies
(22:22) – Sam shares about moving and her plans for her new house
(25:04) – How Sam finds time for self-care
(28:40) – Episode Wrap-up

Sam Pregenzer

Sam Pregenzer is a professional blogger at Simply Organized blog and the owner of SO Home organizing in San Francisco, CA. She is a NAPO member, DIYer, and the writer behind the Simply Organized blog. Helping people get organized is her passion – but the blog and thriving Instagram community are the heart of her business.

Website  – Instagram  – Facebook

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