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Episode 39: How To Find Organizing Products Online with Lindsey Escalante

Nov 27

Welcome to Episode 39: How To Find Organizing Products Online with Lindsey Escalante

Today, I am interviewing Lindsey Escalante. She is a professional organizer at Simplifying The Everyday, out of Seatle Washington. In the short amount of time she has been in business, Lindsey has discovered some unique and innovative ways to save time serving her clients, and also to give back through her business. I know you guys will enjoy this one!

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Intro to the Episode
(01:23) – How Linsdey got into professional organizing
(04:14) – What led Lindsey to pursue a Konmari Certification
(13:33) – The benefits of the Konmari Certification
(16:36) – Lindsey shares about her new website, Find Organizers That Fit
(19:07) – Behind the scenes of creating Find Organizers That Fit
(22:07) – Ignoring the roadblocks that delay you from accomplishing your goal
(24:07) – Who Find Organizers That Fit is great for
(25:40) – Lindsey’s biggest tip for anyone who is trying to start something new
(31:40) – Lindsey’s Home Refresh projects for foster families
(36:34) – Episode Wrap-Up

Lindsey Escalante

Lindsey is a Seattle, WA based professional organizer and the creator of She is also a mom to two young sons via birth and foster-care adoption, married to her favorite person and training to be a certified KonMari consultant. She is a fan of indoor plants, cozy minimalist interiors, and can find just about anything on the Internet. 

WebsiteFind Organizers That FitInstagram

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