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The Ultimate Guide To Your Professional Organizing Side Hustle

Jul 19





Running your side hustle… it isn’t an easy gig. But having a job you love, where you get to use your natural talents to make people’s lives better? Totally worth it. I know that getting started while you’re busy can be tough. That’s why I’ve put together 6 of my favorite productivity tips so you can rock your side hustle while staying sane. Plus read to the end to download a complete side hustle guidebook with tips from real pro organizers! 



1. Break your to-do list into categories



You have a lot on your plate. Running your business, working a day job, keeping up with the laundry… Ugh. Fight off overwhelm by breaking your giant to-do list into categories.

“I break down my time into categories of tasks – home, family, work, planning for my side hustle. I knock out home tasks early in the morning, so I feel like I’ve already been productive by the time I get to work.” –Vicki Lloyd

Nobody wants to stare at a to-do list with 60 different things (but I get it… that’s your real life). Sorting tasks into categories for your organizing business, day job, home, family, and personal life will keep each section manageable.



2. Work in short, focused bursts



Have you ever been working at the computer for a couple hours, only to wake up from a fog and think “Ummm…. what the heck have I been doing?” Just me? You’ll actually maximize your productivity if you work in short, focused bursts rather than trying to power through for hours. You can try using a Pomodoro timer, or keep it simple by setting a timer on your phone for 10-15 minutes.

“I like the 10 minute method.
1. Set a timer for 10 minutes and start the task
2. Focus totally on the task till the timer goes off.
3. Stop. Go to the window, open it, breathe.
4. Set the timer for another 10 minutes and continue the task.
At the end of 20 minutes, it is amazing how much can be accomplished, and either you will have finished, or you will be so into the task that you won’t want to stop.” –Liz Morgan

Working with a timer creates a bunch of mini-deadlines that will keep you super focused on your task, which is essential for building your side hustle.



3. Know your priorities



Nothing will derail you faster than a to-do list that isn’t actually building your business. To build a profitable side hustle, you need to be taking action on things that will seriously move your business forward. To stay on track, outline your top 3 priorities each day and then get them done, girl. 

“Don’t confuse a wish list with a task list!” –Elizabeth 

You’ve got a limited amount of time each day to work on your business. Make every second count.



4. Plan ahead



We all know you’re awesome at organizing, so it’s time to put your skills to work for you. Planning for your day the night before will help you start the day feeling like the boss babe you are (and boost your confidence in your organizing skills!). Check your planner, make your to-do list, pack your bags, and be ready to go. You’ll wake up ready to really shine.

“Have as many things as you can set up the night before. Everything takes me twice as long when I have to look for everything or put it together.” –Melissa

Remember, your job is to project a calm and organized lifestyle. A super productive morning is a great way to get in that mindset.



5. Set aside time to work ON your business



Girl, there’s a big difference between working in your business and on your business. Client work, consults, donating items… That’s all working in your business. Working on your business is when you take strategic action to grow and nurture your professional organizing biz. This might include writing your social media updates, networking with other professionals in your area, or getting those finances in order.

“I also keep Mondays reserved for my own office hours so I can make sure I don’t feel stressed the rest of the week thinking about what I am behind on in the office!” –Layne

If you don’t set aside time to grow and take care of your business, you’re going to get trapped in a cycle of getting busier instead of more profitable.



6. Find your community for accountability



Let’s be real. Solopreneur life can be hard. Sure, being your own boss is totally great, but it can also make it hard to stay motivated. Find a community of people who get you and share your business goals (hint: Our Inspired Organizer™ Facebook community is a great place for this!). It feels so awesome to have a group of people to share your successes with. Plus, it’s great to have a resource when you’re feeling totally stumped.

“Surround yourself with people who help bring you up (not the negative Nancys!). Join groups (local, church, FB, etc.) and connect with other like-minded peeps. Read positive quotes and inspirational books (follow inspirational people on social media).” –Lindsey

If you find yourself hitting a cycle of panic and overwhelm, take a sec to reconnect with your community. They can help you get a real perspective on what’s going on in your biz (and help you remember to take a couple deep breaths).

Do you still have hesitations about starting your own organizing biz? If so, check out these 5 things to consider before starting your professional organizing career. 

Want to know how real professional organizers run their businesses AND handle life at the same time? I’ve talked to hundreds of Pro Organizers in my Inspired Organizer™ community about the best ways to run a professional organizing business. From productivity tips to how to manage your biz finances, they’ve shared all their best secrets. Even better? I’ve put all of their golden tips into a guidebook just for you. Get ready to rock that #sidehustle life! 





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