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5 reasons why people hire pro organizers (+FREE download!)

Jul 23

I know you. You’re organizing obsessed, and it was kinda hard to step away from rearranging your kitchen cabinets (for the seventeenth time) to read this blog post. It comes so naturally to you that you probably haven’t realized people are ready to pay you serious money to organize for them… But they totally are.

What seems easy and obvious to your organization-loving self is completely overwhelming to most people. And to them, paying you $50-$125 an hour to get the clutter under control would be a life saver.

But maybe you live in an area where there aren’t a lot of professional organizers. When you bring up your new business idea people look at you super confused like… is that really a thing? So, YES, and you need to know:


1. Trying to organize yourself is like trying to give yourself a wax

Seriously. Sure, there’s a whole shelf at Target dedicated to the idea that waxing yourself is like no big deal… But have you ever tried? Ouch and no. There are some jobs that are best left to the professionals. You’ll get way better results, and you won’t have to drink 3 glasses of wine to feel up for the job.

Organizing is the same. If you’ve been afraid to get your business off the ground because you don’t think anyone will pay you to do something they could DIY, just remember that time you tried an at home bikini wax.

No amount of DIY Pinterest plans and free info will take away the overwhelm and ouch factor your clients feel trying to organize themselves. 

Now more than ever, women are busy… and they’re drowning in clutter. Your potential clients are too overwhelmed to come up with a game plan AND pull it off. Your services are the difference between a painful at home wax and a luxury spa service. The choice is a no brainer.

2. Our stuff is seriously out of control

Not to be too dramatic, but there’s a clutter epidemic going on. The average American home has 300,000 items in it. And you’re a natural at organizing, so the thought of editing that massive amount of stuff and putting it away in perfect bins probably makes your heart skip a beat.

But your potential clients? They’re drowning in overwhelm and anxiety trying to figure out where to start. They need your organized brain, systems, and motivation to get the clutter under control. And since that’s exactly what you love to do, there’s no reason you shouldn’t start your side hustle now.

3. Clutter is a recipe for (too much) wine therapy

Remember those 300,000 items? They aren’t just filling up houses. They’re also leading to stress… lots of stress. We’re talking 84% of recently stressed people said they’re worried about their messy homes.

When you’re a professional organizer, you aren’t just organizing someone’s closets. You’re also helping your clients feel happier and less stressed about their homes. Your clients are savvy. They know the difference between the DIY product and a full-service experience, and what they really want is the experience.

With 84% of stressed people feeling anxious about their (lack of) organization, this is the perfect time to start your home organizing business. 

4. Decision fatigue is a real thing

Yep, making decisions is exhausting. Have you ever made too many decisions in a day, then totally caved and eaten that donut (times three…)? It’s called decision fatigue and it is a huge energy drain. When faced with too many decisions, people tend to do one of 2 things: lose their impulse control or do nothing.

Disorganization is like creating a constant loop of decision fatigue in your brain. When your potential clients tell you they just don’t know what to do anymore, or if they seem paralyzed during the decluttering phase, this is what’s going on.

They just can’t make any more decisions about their stuff.

And that’s where you come in. As a pro organizer, you’ll have a clear idea of what’s important and what isn’t. A lot of this job comes down to listening to your clients and guiding them through the decision making process so they stay motivated. Sometimes that means you’ll be spending more time talking and encouraging than decluttering… and that’s ok. Your clients know what they’re paying you, and they are so excited to have someone on their team.

5. Three words: all. the. feels.

Organizing is emotional. And not just in the ohmygosh my color-coded closet makes me want to squeal  kinda way. Our stuff comes with all sorts of history, and sorting through it can bring up a lot of feelings.

It’s enough to make the average Jane want to go on vacation and not come home.

But you? You’re not average. You’re able to sort through your client’s belongings, stay focused, and listen to her problems so you can get to the heart of her organization issues. It’s the kind of thing you’ve been doing for your family and friends for free for years (you’re welcome, Aunt Maggie!). Stop selling yourself short and realize that this is a valuable service you can actually leverage into a profitable side hustle. 

What seems like a no-brainer for you is literally causing tons of people in your area a huge amount of anxiety and emotional overwhelm. And wherever there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity to market yourself as the go-to solution. If you have REAL confidence in your services and their benefits, you’ll never feel weird about selling… And that’s a huge relief, because figuring out how to sell your services can be one of the most feelsy parts of starting a new business.


This post is packed with real reasons why people hire a professional organizer and are willing to pay you to organize their home… But the more you know, the more powerfully you can position and sell your service. Get our list of all 30 reasons professional organizers are in demand below!

DOWNLOAD OUR LIST –> Why People Hire POs

P.S. These ideas are the perfect content to use in your own social media and blog posts. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

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