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Podcast Episode 13: How To Streamline Your Workflow With Kate Jones

May 29

Welcome to Podcast Episode 13: How to Streamline Your Workflow With Kate Jones.

In today’s episode, I am really excited to introduce another professional organizer and mentor, Kate Jones of Kate Waldo + Co. She specializes in providing tools for bloggers and influencers to streamline and organize the behind-the-scenes of their businesses. This allows them to focus on doing what they love. Plus, she’ll be sharing all about how her business got to where it is today. It’s an incredible story so you’ll definitely want to be taking notes on this one.

What We Talk About:

(00:00) – Introduction to this episode
(01:07) – Introduction to Kate Jones of Kate Waldo + Co.
(04:44) – How Kate became a systems nerd
(08:03) – The breakdown of tweaking your systems to maximize efficiency
(10:27) – How Orchid Organizing became Kate Waldo + Co.
(13:04) – Why Kate chose the niche she did for streamlining
(18:31) – What is an influencer, really?
(21:42) – How to do giveaways that increase your influence
(24:28) – What levels of influence are there?
(29:24) – Kate’s last tips
(32:08) – Episode Wrap-Up

Kate Jones, Kate Waldo + Co

Kate Jones is the founder of Kate Waldo + Co., a professional organizing business with a special focus on serving bloggers and influencers. She is a Savannah, Georgia local and has always had an eye for order and the most effective way to organize and streamline a task or process. You can find her providing the tools for boss-babe influencers to streamline & organize the “behind the scenes” of their businesses so that they can focus on doing what they love. Follow Kate on Instagram at


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Podcast Episode 13: How to Streamline Your Workflow with Kate Jones

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