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So, you've found your dream job. Now, get our resources and get ready to turn your organizing obsession into a chic, profitable business. Enjoy these freebies and get inspired! 


What to do when starting a pro organizing business overwhelms you

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So many stories I hear from women wanting to get involved in professional organizing sound similar to how my journey began.

You recognize your talent and your passion for organizing while helping friends and family and realize: this is actually a career you could see yourself doing for years to come. You may feel excited, passionate, and eager to get started… BUT you also feel scared, unsure, and lack the confidence needed to know that you have what it takes to actually run a successful business behind the scenes. 


Ok, I need you to stay with me for a minute. Which might be hard, because we’re all juggling sooo many responsibilities. Side-hustling, day job, mom-life, actually trying to socialize and fit in some self-care… You probably have a million things going on all. the. freaking. time. But really, multitasking isn’t getting you closer to your goals. Instead, it’s costing you a lot in terms of productivity, energy, and peace of mind.


How single-tasking can help you make huge progress in your biz

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The ultimate guide to your professional organizing side hustle


Running your side hustle… it isn’t an easy gig. But having a job you love, where you get to use your natural talents to make people’s lives better? Totally worth it. I know that getting started while you’re busy can be tough. That’s why I’ve put together 6 of my favorite productivity tips so you can rock your side hustle while staying sane. Plus read to the end to download a complete side hustle guidebook with tips from real Pro Organizers! 


As a pro organizer (even part time) taking the time to max out your Pinterest boards in a strategic way is not only fun, but a really important part of your business.

Your profile is something you can link to directly from Find My Organizer, your other social media accounts, and should definitely play a big role on your website.

Here are 4 ways to use Pinterest as part of your professional organizing toolkit online!


4 Game-Changing Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Organizing Biz

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